Before the First Date…

Hey Ya’ll!

It’s been FOREVER! Sooo, today I have a “pre-dating” article for you…this is the type of article about what I would “like” in a guy, and would like to realize before the first date…

Before I launch into that I would like to tell you something…I’m 17, and I have never been on a date before. (Other then with my Daddy! :) )
“Why?” You ask.
The Answer? I don’t see the point. 

I’m 17, I have plenty of time to start a relationship with someone. I don’t have to start right away! I also don’t think that dating is the best thing in high-school. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some people, but the majority of the time it does end in heartbreak. It can work sometimes, but I decided to wait. This is my personal decision. I think that dating is for the intention of marriage, that is what the relationship is for. Why put yourself through so many emotions if you aren’t ready?

Dating younger does work for some (Note: some not all) people, but my personal decision has been to wait. If you have dated young, I would like you to take note that I am not saying anything bad against you.

So, here people are a few of the things I have figured out, and would personally would like to get to know about this future suitor before the first date:

  1. I would like him to be my best friend. 
    I want him to be able to know my likes, my dislikes, my quirks, how annoying I can be, AS WELL as what I’m good at, and how fun I can be to hang out with. I want him to be able to know my good side, and my bad side. I don’t want him to think afterwards: “why did I start dating her to begin with?!”
  2. I want to be able to trust him, and feel safe with him.
    I think that this is really important. He should be someone I can trust, and know that he won’t judge me. I think we can all agree that this goes along with #1. You are going to trust, and feel safe with your best friend.
  3. Our faith. 
    “Our” faith. Not “my” faith or “his” faith. We should share a belief in Jesus, and have a similar foundation.
  4. Chivalry. 
    I think this road goes both ways for girls and boys. Men/boys should be willing to be chivalrous (to everyone) not just the girl they like, and likewise girls can be modest, and encourage the guys in chivalry. I think this is a really important quality…and I can guarantee you, that from a girls perspective at least, when I see a guy being a gentlemen to everyone…I take another take. And I’m fairly certain that many guys are thankful when in turn women/girls are modest…and when they encourage the men/boys in there efforts of chivalry. (Maybe it takes guts to open the door, and help with the groceries, and offer the jacket, etc.)
  5. He should respect me, and my opinions, (and when/if we start dating) my body, and my boundaries.
    If he doesn’t respect you when you are his friend, how do you expect him to respect you when you start dating, and eventually are married?
  6. I want a guy who makes me want to grow in my faith…not make me feel like I have to educate him on it. 
    For me this is a big deal. A guy who makes me want to grow in my walk with the Lord.  I don’t want to be educating a guy on my beliefs, I want to be able to discuss it with him, and we can learn from each other.
  7. That we can pray together.
    That we can pray for each other, and together about anything. Including the relationship.

You’re going to meet a lot of guys, and girls in your life. Some of them will be jerks. Some of them will need maturing. Some of them will be nice, but not right for you…
Dating isn’t always fun, and easy, I can tell just from watching friends and family going through relationships. There will be twists and turns in the road and life…but a good foundation of friendship, respect, and prayer is a good way to build onto a relationship.

Hope you enjoyed this everyone!!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!
♥Jenessa Joy♥ 

Praise Songs…

Believers! :)

Some of you might know that I absolutely LOVE music. I am a huge music geek…one of my good friends that I know through my online school, asked me to co-author a blog on praise and worship songs with him.
This blog is called “Praise Song of the Week”, if you love listening to music I hope that you’ll check it out. You can find it here:

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!
Love From,

Verse of the Day!

“Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path.”
Psalm 119:105

What this verse means to me is that God will always guide you where you need to go, and to follow his lead. He will always be the shining light, and the hope when we think we don’t have any. He will be our rock. Our salvation. He is our savior.


Coming Back to the Challange (Part 2),

If you haven’t read part read it here. 
The next part of the  challange is this:

I will try to put my fears behind me, and step out of my comfort zone.”

This is pretty self-explanatory, but honestly this is one of the hardest for anyone to do I think. Us, as humans naturally want to be control, it’s hard for us to let go, and put our full trust in God…little do we know it’s already in our hands. We like that feeling of security, we’re all somewhat scared of the unknown.

It’s sometimes hard to trust God through the ups and downs. But deep breath. It’s time to be  courageous.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do noot be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and d not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

It may not be easy, but as Christians, we need to put our whole trust into God. Part of trusting God is allowing him to take us where he wants us to be. It’s not always easy, cuz often we’re just used to our little comfort zone, this one place where we feel safe. Comfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone, but God has a big plan for each and every person–that includes you! With God’s help we can do incredibable things with God’s help.

We can’t do everything by ourselves. Trusting God, with God’s help, we can do anything.

Thanks for reading!!
Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers and Music,
Love From:
Jenessa Joy ♥

Coming Back to the Challange:

Earlier this year I set a Challange for my Christian readers.

I have a resolution for you. If you don’t like “resolutions” or “commitments”, let’s call this a “challange.” Can you work with that?? My challange: read your bible, strive to learn more of your savior, learn your theology. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Repeat after me: “I, __________, promise to meet your challange. I promise to try my best throughout 2012 to read my Bible, and further my relationship with God. I will look into theology, and dig deeper into what I believe. I will try to put my fears behind me, and step out of my comfort zone. I will stand up for my beliefs. I am a Jesus Freak. And with God’s help I can make a difference. I promise to try my best in this challange, in the race you’ve set before me. This is my Solemn Vow. Name:  _____________”

Now I’m bringing you all back to the Challange. Step by step in the next few days I’m going to dive into what this Challange is really about. What do we really have to do to meet the Challange, and rise victorious…..

The first part of the Challange is this:

I promise to try my best throughout 2012 to read my Bible, and further my relationship with God. I will look into theology, and dig deeper into what I believe.

It’s pretty self explanatory I think…you’re learning more about what you believe. Learning more about the God you believe in. And trying to get closer to God. A lot of people believe that being a Christian is just believing God is real, and trying your best not to mess up to much on a daily basis…that’s not it.
Being a Christian is having a relationship with an all-power Savior. It’s trying to be better not because you need to be in order to get in Heaven, but rather even though our sins our forgiven…we need to strive to be like Jesus in everything we do. I’m not saying be perfect. No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect.

Steps for Step #1:

Step #1: Read your Bible.
Reading your Bible will bring you closer to your Savior, and it was also strengthen your faith. You may truly love God, but if you do, don’t you want to get to know him? You shouldn’t have to ‘try and make time for God’. God should be your top priority!!

Step #2: Pray.
“casting all your anxieties n him, because he cares for you.” –1 Peter 5:7
‘nough said.

Step #3: Getting to know you’re theology.
Theology matters. If you’re thinking: ‘theology!? Why does that matter?! I believe in God! I believe in the Bible! Why do I need to know about theology?”
Theology is studying the nature of God. And being a Christian, your religion is centered on praising God. Know your theology. Know you’re religion.

Step #4: Doctrine.
Wikipidea defines “Doctrine” as:

Doctrine (from Latin: doctrina) is a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as the body of teachings in a branch of knowledge or belief system. The Greek analogy is the etymology of catechism.[1]

Often doctrine specifically connotes a corpus of religious dogma as it is promulgated by a church, but not necessarily: doctrine is also used to refer to a principle of law, in the common law traditions, established through a history of past decisions, such as the doctrine of self-defense, or the principle of fair use, or the more narrowly applicable first-sale doctrine. In some organizations, doctrine is simply defined as “that which is taught”, in other words the basis for institutional teaching of its personnel internal ways of doing business.

To put it simply, in Christian faith doctrine is merely the big truths that we base what we base our lives on. Pressure!! Know what you believe, cuz that’s what your life is based on.

Step #5: Orthodoxy. (Last step.)
Orthodoxy means: “right opinion.” It’s getting what you believe about God, and the Bible right. So get your orthodoxy right…

Those are my steps for you in my Challange. Heavy stuff. but a challenge is meant to challenge you. If you don’t know you’re theology, doctrine, or orthodoxy, that doesn’t mean you’re not saved. What I am saving is theology, orthodoxy, doctrine…all these things are getting you to know you’re saviour. What you believe in.

I’ve quoted Joshua Harris quite a few times, when I’ve talked about this topic…and I’m doing it yet again:

“What you believe about God’s nature–what he is like, what he wants from you, and whether or not you will answer to him–affects every part of your life. Theology matters, because if we get it wrong, then our whole life will be wrong.” –Joshua Harris

And also…

“Our faith is not just a state of mind, a mystical experience, or concepts on a page. Theology, doctrine, and orthodoxy matter because God is real, and he has acted in our world, and his actions have meaning today, and for all eternity.” –Joshua Harris

Part of this Challange is me challanging you: “are your beliefs really correct? Are they really biblical?”
It’s a Challange for you. It’s a Challange for me.
What do you believe?

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers and
Love From,
♥Jenessa Joy

For the Girls…you’re beautiful!

I was thinking…

GIRLS! Really!? All this make-up? You don’t need it! You have natural beauty! The best type of make-up job is where you can’t really tell that you’re wearing any. I know what it’s like to want to wear yourself down, but don’t.  God made you beautiful individualism. Don’t let the world’s stereotype image get you down. Also another thing to add: inner beauty is the best beauty to hold.

God doesn’t make mistakes. You’re beautiful. Don’t you forget that.

“Charm is decietful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

“For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7b

Blessings, Smiles, Prayers, and Music,
love from,
               Jenessa Joy ♥